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AB-QM Pressure Independent Control Valves

  • Helping you to Achieve Your Energy Reduction Goals...

    Energy Demands? Comfort Problems? Maintenance Concerns?

    There are millions of reasons Danfoss AB-QM™ Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICVs) are installed worldwide; because they provide precise flow control & hydronic balance; increasing HVAC energy savings by 20-50%.

    Case studies prove that investing in Danfoss AB-QM™ pays itself back in less than 3 years.

  • Benefits


  • One valve does it all...

    Dynamic balancing and temperature control valve all in one!

    100% Valve Authority

    Having a 100% valve authority increases the control quality and precision - leading to increased occupant comfort, as well as energy savings.

    Precise control

    By providing the flow that matches the building's designed load, the AB-QM™ optimizes chiller and boiler efficiency and reduces pumping costs. Third party testing of AB-QM™ indicates accuracies of ± 5% of setpoint.

    Compact Design

    Valves as small as 1/2" are great for tight spaces such as fan coil units, VAV boxes, retrofits, and more...

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