Hospital energy savings is just the start...

  • Experiencing Problems with your HVAC System?

    • Patient comfort issues?
    • Room temperature complaints?
    • Increased Maintenance costs?
    • Time lost addressing complaints?
    • Balancing and flow issues?

  • Have you tried any of these temporary solutions?


  • Supplemental Equipment

    Many hospitals add supplemental equipment such as spot coolers in suites to keep patients cool and room temperatures at comfortable levels. This solution is only temporary and does not fix the underlying problem.

  • Conventional

    3-Way Valves or conventional balancing valves are designed at full load conditions, yet operated at partial loads the majority of the time. This factor can lead to HVAC system imbalance, inefficiency and wasted energy.

  • Temporary Solutions Lead to:

    Wasted Energy

    By not addressing the cause & installing solutions that help only for a limited time or essentially putting a band-aid on the problem can lead to an increase in wasted energy as the system is not at optimum efficiency.

    Wasted Money $$$

    When a system is not energy efficient this can lead to a huge increase in wasted money - either on solutions that don't balance the HVAC system or continuously having the wrong room temperatures in hospital and surgical suites.

    Balancing Issues

    When a system is out of balance this can lead to a loss in system control and cause other unexpected problems within the system that incur additional costs and disrupt the balance of temperature creating uncomfortable patients.

    More Problems

    When you treat the symptom and not the cause of the problem this can lead to more problems within the system and a bigger imbalance, more maintenance, unhappy patients, and the list goes on...Treat the cause of the problem with Danfoss AB-QM™ valves.

  • New NovoCon® Digital Actuator

    Get the best-in-class hydronic performance with the new NovoCon® S actuator. The digital actuator tailored for the AB-QM™ control valve allows complete remote control of the heating or cooling system – from installation to maintenance. Get a quick tour of the new NovoCon® S in this animation.

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